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Last updated 24 October, 2022

“NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO

Mission of organization is to promote citizen participation in development processes of the state through continuous and systematic capacity enhancement․


The objectives are:


1. to promote citizen participation and participation of civil society institutions/groups in decision making procedures citizen participation;
2. to promote establishment of social partnership;
3. to foster civil society development;
4. to promote capacity building of a citizen and civil society institutions/groups.


Services include:


  • development and implementation of high quality, efficient training and consultation in organizational management and governance, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, advocacy, project development and management, financial management and sustainability, and human resource management,
  • grants distribution and management, including organization of selection process, budget cleaning, monitoring of project implementation, financial reporting, etc.,
  • qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, such as employee surveys, needs assessments, project evaluations, and research on civil society, including questionnaire design and approbation, conducting interviews, primary and secondary data analysis, reporting and recommendations,
  • assessment of institutional and advocacy capacities with follow-up development planning and consulting,
  • organizational, logistical and facilitation services for meetings, seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions, and organization development (e.g., team building, brainstorming and decision-making activities),
  • provision of information on NGOs, access to library and other information services.
Provided Services

Organizational Development
Civil Society – Building of coalitions and networks – Advocacy
Participatory Development, Development of joint projects
Analysing skills, Research methods
Team Building
Human resources and efficient communication at work
Management of staff meetings
External environment of the organization
Project proposal writing skills
Financial planning and management
Project management
Project monitoring and evaluation
The target beneficiaries of the organization are NGOs, community based organizations (CBOs), civic action groups (CAGs) and other civil society elements/entities. The number of officially registered Armenian NGOs who used NGOC services exceeded 1000.



Civil Society Development, Community Development, Civic Education and Research, Democratic Development