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Last updated 13 December, 2017

Goris Press Club

Staying true to its mission, the “Goris Press Club” that has been operating in Syunik for already 15 years, aims to support public policy improvement through the development of civil society institutes. Due to the efforts of the organization, Syunik Info-House and the Human Rights Protection Syunik center network were created during these years.  A Media School was founded to support the development of media literacy of active community groups and enhance their civic participation. The Goris Press Club creates initiative groups in Syunik marz, helps the already active groups to succeed in NGO field and helps them with capacity building. The organization also disseminates information, prepares articles and video materials. Within the framework of ‘My Story’ project   they reveal right violations through real heroes.  

Provided Services

Trainings and consultancy
Media service