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Last updated 13 December, 2017

Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA)

Founded in 2001 by journalists and lawyers, Freedom of Information Center (FOICA)'s mission is to promote application of the RA Freedom of Information Law, contribute to the transparency and openness of the Armenian government system and to stimulate civic society's involvement in the governance system.
According to the Strategy for Enforcement of Freedom of Information in Armenia (2013-2017) adopted by FOICA, the objectives of FOICA are:
•    Public education and awareness;
•    Training of civil society groups and representatives of state and public bodies;
•    Development of good mechanisms for providing information in state and public bodies;
•    Establishment of the Freedom of Information and Data protection Ombudsman (Commissioner);
•    Protection of the right to information;
•    Effective judicial control over entertainment of the right to information;
•    Importing regional and international experiences and best practices into Armenia;
•    Development of e-governance in Armenia;
•    Fostering Open Government Partnership (OGP) objectives in Armenia.

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Civil Society Development, Public Policy, Media, Human Rights Protection, Civic Education and Research