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Last updated 13 December, 2017

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation

During the 10 years of its operation, the Civic Development and Partnership Foundation has been trying to contribute to the development of civil society organizations, their involvement and participation in the life of the country and  contribute to the creation of a favorable environment  for the operation of civil society organizaions. Since its establishment, the CDPF has implemented 25 projects, allocated and managed more than 100 grant programs, provided and supervised more than 50 education grants to various local and international organiations, has organized trainings and consultancies, has implemented research and analytic and other projects. In 2009 the organization was awarded a certificate from Counterpart International and USIAD as an organization that is in line with the international standards of organizational and financial management, grant management and service provision.  

Provided Services


  • NGO Leadership and Management (Civil society and CSO; Organizational development planning and management; Strategic planning; Forming NGO board)
  • Program Development and Implementation (Writing competitive proposals; Project management cycle; Logical framework; Program report; Writing a budget; Financial management and reporting)
  • Human Resource Management (Basics; Regulations and procedures; Staff recruitment and employment; Developing job description; Motivating mechanisms; Performance assessment mechanisms; Staff development and training)
  • Financial Sustainability and Management (Action planning for financial sustainability; Fundraising for NGOs; Social enterprise)
  • Communications (PR; Media relations)
  • Advocacy (Forming effective networks; Social partnership)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s programs; Evaluation of the effectiveness of the program; Social research methods)
  • Community Development (Youth Involvement; Organizing voluntary activities; Cooperation with the local government)
  • Training of Trainers (Basic skills of the trainer; Training and facilitation tools)
  • Personal Skills (Communication skills; Conflict management; Team-building skills; Presentation skills; Time management; Negotiation skills; Leadership)


  • Registering an NGO
  • Developing NGO policies and procedures
  • Strategic planning
  • Writing competitive proposals
  • Project management
  • Developing logical framework
  • Report writing
  • Budget writing
  • Project financial management
  • Human resource management
  • Creating and managing social enterprise
  • Implementing advocacy campaign
  • Media relations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of NGO activities
  • Conducting social research
  • Designing and conducting training

Other Services

  • Monitoring and evaluation of NGO projects and activities
  • Designing, conducting and analyzing social research
  • Assessment of organizational capacities
  • Assessment of advocacy capacities
  • Organizing and facilitating seminars, conferences and roundtables



Civil Society Development