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Maria Hovumyan

  • Organizational Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Planning


In 2000 Maria passed her first TOT and TOTC (6 months course each) and started her career of a trainer, consultant. In 2002 Maria joined World Learning and ABA/CEELI as an Institution Building Advisor and became the representative of the five year RIBA (Regional Institution Building Advisor) program in Armenia. After independent consultancy as a Strategic Planning Expert, in 2010 Maria joined ArsVitae, one of the best T&D companies of Moscow, and worked with the industry leaders on the development of highly effective training methodologies and approaches.

In 2014 Maria moved back to Armenia from RF and became a co-founder of Management Systems Consulting LLC. Currently Maria is developing MMPartnership Consulting Company and is a Director of Consult2B Project.


Capacity Building and Organizational Development Experience

Maria Hovoumyan has over 15 years’ experience as a Development Professional to people and organizations. Since 2000 Maria was providing OD services to a wide range of organizations, such as NGOs, Service Provider organizations, Business Associations, Government Organizations, Professional Unions, Financial Institutions and business companies on the local and regional levels.

Maria has hands-on experience in establishing and developing organizations, such as Professional Association of Trainers of Armenia, RADA (Research for Advocacy Action) Regional Thank and Do Tank, ArsVitae School of Business-Trainers. Maria is a co-author of several Organizational Development and Self/Assessment tools which was successfully applied among CIS ROL organizations. Maria is the author of more than 30 articles on various topics related to HR Management, Business Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication, Strategic Planning, Change Management and she has been published in “Management of Personnel Development”, “Human Potential Management”, Braininty and other leading professional journals and portals.


Previous Clients

•    More than 15 lawyers and Human Rights CSOs on local and regional level (RA, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova), such as Chamber of Advocates, AYLA, EPAC and others
•    Ministry of Emergency Situations
•    Union of Informaion Technology Enterprises
•    Union of Tour Operators
•    Restaurants Union
•    Union of Hotels
•    KNAUF
•    Novartis Takedo
•    Alfa Laval
•    Auriga
•    BinBank
•    Rosbank
•    Citibank
•    VivaCell
•    ABCommunications Holding
•    Manfol

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