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Karen Sargsyan

  • Organizational Development
  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Advocacy and Lobbying


Karen gained his theoretical knowledge gained from national and international formal and non-formal education institutions, and professional experience. He has almost 15 years of practical work experience in organizational development (OD) and strategic management (SM), business development (BD) and community economical development (CED), program management (PM) and human resources management (HRM), research and analysis, advocacy and networking.

Capacity Building and Organizational Development Experience

• Strategic management/planning and organization development/diagnosis/capacity building training/consultancy and coaching
• Business model design and entrepreneurship competencies development consultancy/training, start-up development/mentoring and business facilitation
•  Program and human resources management functions, training/consultancy/coaching, strategy design for different types of organizations
• Market research and analysis, content development/strategy design
•  Advocacy and lobbying training/consultancy/strategy design/coaching

Previous Clients

•    Armenian Young Women Association
•    Caritas Armenia
•    Civil Society Institute
•    Association of Young Lawyers of Armenia
•    World Vision Armenia
•    OSCE Yerevan
•    UN agencies in Armenia
•    RoA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
•    Centre for Organization of Youth Events


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