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Vazgen Karapetyan

CSO Depo Expert

  • Fundraising and program management
  • Event organization and management
  • Managing local partners and international stakeholders


Vazgen Karapetyan is the Associate Director of Eurasia Partnership Foundation.  Vazgen has over 15 years of experience in managing international development programs. In 1998, he took over the management of Foundation’s large portfolio of cross-border and confidence-building initiatives in the South Caucasus, which, starting from 2006, included Foundation’s programs between Armenia and Turkey. While managing these initiatives, Vazgen has always demonstrated good strategic thinking, advanced managerial capacity, and strong interpersonal and intercultural skills.  In fact, his ability to effectively work in multi-cultural environments, as well as to maintain equilibrium between the needs of confidence-building programs and sensitive government politics was in many ways instrumental in making Foundation’s regional program one of the most successful institutionalized cross-border initiative in the region.


Vazgen joined the Foundation in 1998 as a Program Coordinator for the newly established South Caucasus Cooperation Program. In 2003-2004, he studied at the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program. Before re-joining the Foundation in 2006, he worked in the capacity of Program Manager with the Catholic Relief Services in Armenia. Vazgen is a graduate of the Yerevan State Medical Institute. In addition, he holds an MA in Political Science and International Relations from the American University of Armenia. He has been a member of Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Center NGO since 2006.  Most recently, Vazgen has acted as the Deputy Program Director for a number of EPF’s large-scale programs including USAID-funded “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement” program (2010-2012), the EU-funded “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” program (2014-2015), and the USAID-funded “CSO Development Program” (2014-2019). 

Capacity Building and Organizational Development Experience

• Over 15 years of experience in fundraising and program management that includes effective liaison with prospective donors, stakeholders, and beneficiaries; proposal writing and proposal proofreading; logic model and outcome framework building; project implementation monitoring; narrative reporting to donors.  
• Over 15 years of experience in producing and proofreading communication material, including press releases for media and project/event narratives for use in the web, annual report, donor update, and other formats.  
• Over 10 years of experience in event organization and management, including events outside of Armenia. 
• Over 5 years of experience in effective management of civil society consortia, including cross-border consortia.
• Successful experience in managing local partners and international stakeholders to ensure smooth office move and renovation.    



Previous Clients

• Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Associate Director, Yerevan, Armenia
• Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Senior Cross-Border Programs Manager, Yerevan, Armenia
• Catholic Relief Services/Armenia, Program Manager, Yerevan, Armenia
• The Eurasia Foundation, , Program Coordinator, South Caucasus Cooperation Program, Yerevan, Armenia
• Save the Children Federation, Yerevan, Armenia
• Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, Hygiene and Epidemic Protection Service


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