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Mikael Hovhannisyan

CSO Depo Expert

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management


Dr. Mikayel Hovhannisyan has 12 years of experience of working with civil society in Armenia and South Caucasus. He has been involved in both formal and non-formal civil society organizations and initiatives in spheres of youth, education, public participation, peace building, human rights and democratization. As head of Consortium Program Manager of the 5 year Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG) he manages and coordinates activities of 6 NGOs working in consortium to address various aspects of civic engagement and participation in reform of local government in Armenia. Mikayel is also managing Europe Program ran by Eurasia Partnership Foundation since 2009 where he develops, leads, monitors and evaluates the program that includes research, public outreach, cooperation with civil society, governmental institutions and European organizations in such frameworks as Eastern Partnership and the Bologna Process.


As member of the EPF cross-border team Mikayel Hovhannisyan also actively participates in implementation of Armenian-Turkish, Armenian-Azerbaijani and Armenian-Georgian projects. His previous experience includes working in Human Rights and Media Projects at UNDP Armenian Office, diaspora-funded Birthright Armenia Foundation and different civic initiatives active in spheres of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, democracy and higher education. He is also member of the Armenian Methodological Committee a non-formal organization working in sphere of development and practicing of collective thinking methodologies. From 2003 he has organized and participated in 12 Creative Games, organized in Armenia, Georgia and Russian Federation.  Dr. Hovhannisyan is also invited professor at Yerevan State University, Department of Oriental Studies, where he teaches courses on Medieval Muslim Philosophy, History of Ismailizm and Medieval Muslim Social and Political Thought. His academic background is related to social and political philosophy in Arab world. 


Capacity Building and Organizational Development Experience

•  experience in issues related to research, analysis, evaluation and assessments related to civil society

•  Knowledge related to monitoring implementation of anti-corruption and conflict of interest policies in spheres of public administration, local government and higher education

•  Knowledge related to capacity building of civil society organizations

•  Knowledge of government/civil society dialogue and consultation mechanisms

• Knowledge of Armenia-EU cooperation framework

•  Knowledge of reform of local government and decentralization in Armenia

•  Knowledge of conflict transformation and peacemaking initiatives in South Caucasus

•  Knowledge of the process of reform of higher education system in Armenia within the Bologna process

•  Knowledge related to the fight against corruption in Armenia

Previous Clients

• Eurasia Partnership Foundation

• Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

• Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy 

• Care International

• Yerevan State University, Department of Arabic Studies

• Armenian Methodological Committee (non-formal organization)

• UNDP Armenia

• Birthright Armenia Foundation

• Armenian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center

• New Yerevan Times English Weekly Newspaper

• Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Arab Republic of Egypt